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海相 sea facies



— 普魯斯特

海的記憶,回到童年故鄉的海灘,海以不同的面貌呈現在我眼前, 記憶如浪湧上,又漸漸消逝,「海」在童年的記憶裡有著歡樂的時光,同時也有著恐懼,這些記憶有時分不清是夢還是真實發生過,試著回溯讓童年再現,面對那片海,時而沈浸在那失而復得的時光裡,時而感嘆時光已消逝,童年已無法再現,而得到彌補的不是消逝的時光、過去的時光、不在此處、也不在彼處,而是它的真相。

A memory of the sea. Return to the beach of my hometown, The sea is presented to me in different looks. The memories like the waves pouring into my mind then gradually disappear.

Revisiting the beaches of my early home countryside , memory surges and declines. Sea brought both joys and fears. Sometimes not sure if those did happen before. Revisiting childhood, mingling with the immersion of the resurrecting representations and the sighing of the vanished time. All the efforts fail, the only redemption is probably the truth.


版數 Edition : 10

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