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Black fairy tales black fairy tales

The "Black Fairy Tale", which was completed in the form of "coptic binding", contains 21 black-and-white works using gestalt psychology and semiotics, expressing the contrast and impact of the "fairy tale" in the stereotype.

The “black fairy tales “which was completed by the Coptic Binding. It contains 21 black and white works by using Gestalt psychology and semiotics theory, shows the strong difference with the “fairy tales” in our stereotype.

Cover: Transfer paper

Inner page: digital print on art paper

Size: 21cmX15cm

Pages page: 48P

Binding: Coptic coptic binding

Creation year: 2019

Edition: 50

long long ago.....

We all grew up with fairy tales. We know that big wild wolves, witches, and stepmothers must be bad people. We know that little white rabbits are innocent, princesses are kind and beautiful, and princes are handsome and brave. At the end of the story, the bad guys will be punished, and the good guys will have a happy life. However, when I grew up, I discovered that the real world is cruel.

This is a story about childhood, dreams, and love.

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