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Artist's photo book

Artist's photobook

Photography uses Artist's books as a creative form, which contains time and space. The image is not just a carrier of books and paper, but a creative medium. It breaks out of the frame of the book and has photos. Independence, from narration, editing, design, printing, binding to finishing the book, the presentation of each book creation is an original work of art, because each creation book is produced in the form envisioned by the artist, trying to The photographic book expresses the integrity of the image. The reader interacts with the image at his own pace. Through flipping through the pages, it enhances a sense of physical ritualistic experience.

The combination of "photography" and "book" as the practice of aesthetics conveys the photographer's worldview, and also transcends a single creative medium to become a combination of image, word, edit, and design. ) Information carrying objects are more circulated than traditional artworks. While entering the artist's photobook through the title page, readers (audiences) also enjoy the privacy of the artist's creative process with another level of intimacy.

Artist's books as a creative form contain time and space. The books and papers are not simply a carrier of images but a creative medium. It breaks the boundary of books, and the photos can present themselves through the process of narration, editing, design, printing and binding. The books are original artworks. They are created according to the idea of artists. Artists try to express the completeness of images. The readers read and interact with images according to their tempo. Reader enhance a sense of physical ritualism between pages when they flip.
The combination of "photography" and "book" is used as an aesthetic practice to convey the photographer's worldview. It also spans a single creative medium and becomes an information carrier that combines images, text, editing, and design. Compared with traditional artworks, it is more circulating. While passing through the title page to enter the artist's photography book, readers (audiences) also enjoy the privacy of the artist's creative process with another level of intimacy.

Using "books" as the creative medium, through the ideas and expressions of the creators, presented by different media, independent publication of manual photography books, fusion of the characteristics of "photographic works", "photobooks" and "handmade texture" .

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