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"Universe Island" uses aluminum sheets as the front cover and back cover, and uses the "rubbing" technique to transfer the works. When folded and folded, it is a photographic collection, but when it is unfolded, it becomes more than two pieces. Meter-length photographs.

This work covered by aluminum board, inside page is a piece of folded Photograph. When it's unfolded, the full length will be more than 2 meters long.

Cover: Aluminum sheet, transfer aluminum board

Inner page: inkjet printing

Size: 15cmX13cm

Issue: 18

Length: 234cm

Binding: by folding accordion binding

Creation year: 2019


Which island on earth are you?

White waves arouse in the sea

As if seeing the stars shining brightly

An island sank in a moment

Disappear between heaven and earth


The people of Wayo Wayo think the world is an island

Will drift around in the sea with the tide (Note)


Some people say there are more than 180,000 islands on the planet

It is also said that there are actually only nine islands on this earth


Which island on earth are you?


(Note) The novel "The Man with Compound Eyes" by the author Wu Mingyi describes a mysterious island in the Pacific, "Wayowayu Island". With its own language and mythology, the islanders live a life of fishing, hunting and gathering.

Click on the picture you like (intuitively) to know which island on earth you are

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