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Homecoming│Li Liya Solo Exhibition

Homeward bound: Liya Lee solo exhibition

Exhibition period: 2018/4/2 — 9/30

Opening tea party: 4/21 (Sat) 14:00

Location: Far North Blue Point (Mishiti Dessert Kingdom)

No. 1-101, Bajia Subsection, Touwei Section, Shimen District, New Taipei City


My childhood playmates had to leave because they moved. Before the age of 10, I watched my companions move and transfer. Although they are reluctant, they cannot be determined by the child. I once vowed to my playmates that you can rest assured that I will not move. We can go to school together. I grew up, but moved without warning when I was 10 years old, and it was too late to say goodbye to my playmates, but, as I said, this kind of parting really cannot be decided by a child.

After I left my hometown, I lived in many cities and moved many times. I began to understand that "there is no permanent banquet in the world." No matter how deep the fate, there will always be a time to say goodbye. Every encounter is the next. Parting, and after parting, I always look forward to meeting again at some time and somewhere.

The memory of my hometown has always stayed in my childhood. When I grow up and occasionally pass the North Coast, I will feel that I am getting closer and closer to my hometown, and start to evoke a series of memories of my hometown. I am constantly involved in a whirlpool, happy. Simultaneously with fear, the sea, beaches, miscanthus, wild ginger flowers, kites, hot springs... are childhood joyful gadgets and childhood nightmares. Sometimes these memories cannot be distinguished from dreams or real occurrences.

Returning home with the works this time is an image taken with a kind of nostalgic thoughts. It is a subconscious image of the memory of the hometown left in different time and space after leaving the hometown. And because of the work, I also return to the beach in my childhood memories, trying to interpret my dreams by myself, and keep the good memories in my heart, and my childhood nightmare stays on this beach.

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