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"Woman·Goodbye" Three Solo Exhibitions

-Innovation, reflection, leapfrogging

In recent years, photographers have shown their thoughts, emotions, and lifestyles through the lens, and have moved forward in concepts and actions, avoiding all kinds of fetters. From technical training, internalization to artistic aesthetics, they are no longer shelved, but rather close. daily

The innovations, reflections and leaps presented by the three photographers in "Goodbye Women", "maximize" photography as the embodiment of original art, and "minimize" as the basic element of artistic creation; Li Liya's introverted "printing" technique Presenting and presenting is a new practice. After being used to being digitized, images can finally be presented with another face; Wu Zefei interprets a damaged hard disk through death and life, and the silent spiral that we choose to sensationalize is thrown away in the creative process. Questions came out; the image of a female couple escaped the pure beauty in the lens of Lu Yinglou, faintly extending the depth of topic exploration.

The interwoven dialogue of the three series of works, under the name "Goodbye", touches a new visual vocabulary.


LIYA Space (No. 27, Lane 1, Section 4, Chengde Road, Shilin District, Taipei City)


"Goodbye Woman" Three Solo Exhibitions-Innovation, Reflection, Leapfrogging

Exhibition time: 2016/8/6~9/4 open on Saturday and Sunday (10:00~19:00), visit by appointment on weekdays

Opening tea party: 2:00 pm on August 6, 2016

Artists: Li Liya, Wu Zefei, Lu Yinglou

Exhibition address: 1st Floor, No. 27, Lane 1, Section 4, Chengde Road, Shilin District, Taipei City (LIYA Space)

Co-curation: Huang Guoyan


2016/8/13 (Saturday) 2:00-4:00 pm Video Creation and Innovation-Li Liya

2016/8/20 (Saturday) 2:00-4:00 pm The leap and confrontation of the relationship between the two-Lu Yinglou, Li Wen, Yang Jie

2016/8/27 (Saturday) 2:00-4:00 pm The photographer's reflection and reappearance-Wu Zefei

*The above activities are free to participate, and you are free to seat.


On "Goodbye Woman" Three Solo Exhibitions / Huang Guoyan

"Art creation" is like wave after wave. The artist is on the top of the wave, regardless of external changes. It is like an adventure, but it is also willing to use the situation of refurbishment in the process of dependent origin and death to define each era in stages. , Or define each stage of the era; three female artists-Li Liya, Wu Zefei and Lu Yinglou, after nearly a year of planning and creation, each wrote their own works of innovation, reflection and leap in photography .

Li Liya’s "light" creation allows me to see another possibility of images. She always uses her observation and thinking, and her incomparable power of action and imagination, to replace her (his) insensitivity to the established form, in the culture of fast food images. In, the original "rubbing" technique silently hides the delicate emotions of the Orientals in the work. The tension that "should" be displayed through the lens is actually introverted and "seeing" again, giving the viewer a stronger impact Just like the popularity of smart phones, the future possibilities are not just the bold breakthroughs of the contemporary era!

Wu Zefei's concept of "Farewell Style" throws out the dilemma of modern photography. Her hard disk broke a few days ago. She wrote on Facebook, "I feel so sad to see photos of my PO in the past on FB... It’s just a feeling like this...” In the age of negatives, photographers left real “original works”, not just limited “numbers of editions,” and now a generation that is driven by digital , We seem to be forced to keep backing up and back up again, even though she expresses her determination and pain in such a way of life and death and extremes, she can quite express the philosophy of "goodbye", and in terms of the elements of the image, it is not difficult to find it. Strong humanistic care, I arbitrarily think this is a necessary belief for a photographer.

The "Relationship" photography of the writer Lu Yinglou always narrates some stories habitually and completely. The female body interpreted from the perspective of a woman may hide her expectations of a "woman" at her light age. The narrative under her lens even dissected her delicate and delicate innerness step by step, just like the rhyme after the bitterness of coffee, after flowing through the throat, it left an addiction.

"Goodbye women", there is rebirth, hope, and new thinking. After the three solo exhibitions, perhaps another aspect and space of photographic art worthy of further discussion has been planted.


[L igh t. Li Liya]

Light a lamp for you, guide the way home, let a lonely and wandering heart have a direction, and have a place to belong, there will always be someone waiting for you to go home.

Leaving the home where I have lived for nearly 20 years, everything seems like the past, and now I am starting to live a life alone. Living in this blue apartment, there are 4 tenants in the apartment, strangers, lonely souls, life is nothing. It doesn't matter, but because the light at the door will always be waiting for those who return late.

Every light in the city is guiding the way home for those who return that night.

[Farewell style. Wu Zefei]

My hard drive was rescued!

(Although the rescued is almost the same as the dead)

Should I hold a farewell ceremony for it?

That kind of feeling is very hypocritical. I still have a breath, but I want to pretend to be dead, but it is more sad than death. In the process of collating and reviewing the rescued data, I mourn and feel unwilling again and again, watching them.

Moving, changing my name and surname, silently becoming a species I don’t know and a fragmented body, I have been trapped in these broken images for many days, unable to extricate myself...

[Relationship. Lu Yinglou]

Love is a very important part of relationships. Some people feel that love comes from loneliness, while others feel that love is the source of happiness. People never tire of finding touch in love stories and movies. They return to the real world easily. I found my love riddled with holes. Love requires learning. The more we take love seriously, the more we must take a relationship seriously.

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