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Artists’ photobook

攝影以藝術家書籍(Artists' books)作為一種創作形式,蘊含了時間與空間,影像不只是單純以書本紙張為載體,而是一種創作媒材,更是跳脫了書本的框架,擁有照片的自主性,從敘事、編輯、設計、印刷、裝幀到完成製本,每本書籍創作的呈現,都是原創性的藝術品,因為每本創作書都是按照藝術家設想的形式製作出來的,試圖以攝影書表達影像的完整性,讀者按照自己的節奏與影像產生互動,透過翻閱在頁面回返之間增強了一種身體儀式性的感覺體驗。

以「攝影」與「書」結合作為美學的實踐,傳達了攝影家的世界觀,也跨越單一的創作媒材,成為兼具影像(image)、文字(word)、編輯(edit)、設計(design)的信息承載物,相較傳統藝術品更加流通。在穿過扉頁進入藝術家的攝影書(Artist’s photobook)的同時,讀者(觀眾)也以另一種層次的親密度,飽覽藝術家創作過程的私密性。

Artists' books as a creative form contain time and space. The books and papers are not simply a carrier of images but a creative medium. It breaks the boundary of books, and the photos can present themselves through the process of narration, editing, design, printing and binding. The books are original artworks. They are created according to the idea of artists. Artists try to express the completeness of images. The readers read and interact with images according to their tempo. Reader enhance a sense of physical ritualism between pages when they flip.
The combination of "photography" and "book" is used as an aesthetic practice to convey the photographer's worldview. It also spans a single creative medium and becomes an information carrier that combines images, text, editing, and design. Compared with traditional artworks, it is more circulating. While passing through the title page to enter the artist's photography book, readers (audiences) also enjoy the privacy of the artist's creative process with another level of intimacy.


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